Lego Club

All students in grades K-3 have the opportunity to participate in Lego Club! Lego club takes place after school in late January through February. Students let their creativity shine while building awesome Lego creations! The students will be given a weekly theme that they can either build on their own, or with a partner. All LEGO creations will also be on display each week in the school hallways for everyone to see! 


2023-2024 School Year LEGO Club dates:   Each session will be from 3:10-4:00pm


Girls Gr. K-3

Jan. 22     Jan. 29     Feb. 5     Feb. 12     Feb. 26


Boys Gr. 3

Jan. 23     Jan. 30     Feb. 6     Feb. 13     Feb. 20


Boys Gr. 2

Jan. 24     Jan. 31     Feb. 7      Feb. 14     Feb. 21


Boys Gr. 1

Jan. 25     Feb. 1        Feb. 8     Feb. 15     Feb. 22


Boys Gr. K

Jan. 26     Feb. 2        Feb. 9     Feb. 23     March 1