Education Fairs


Each school year Good Shepherd presents a spring Educational Fair. Our fairs rotate on a three year cycle to include an: Art Fair, World Fair, and Living History Museum. Students work hard to put together projects that are either displayed or portrayed for an evening that is open to all to come and visit!


Art Fair

Looking for an evening filled with an atmosphere of beautiful artwork and creations?! Come check out our Art Fair!

Students in Preschool - Grade 8 participate in our Art Fair. Students in grades K-8 choose three pieces of artwork that they created throughout the year to have displayed at the Art Fair. Preschool classrooms put together artwork that they created while at school. Items can include (but aren't limited to): drawings or paintings, clay creations, or 3D creations. During the evening, families are welcome to come and walk around the Art Fair that is set up in our gymnasium. The Art Fair takes place in the spring and is open to all to come and enjoy!


World Fair

Are you ready to take a “Trip around the World?” Come and check out our World Fair! 

Students in grades K-4 choose a U.S. state of their choice to research, learn state facts and create a “train car” depicting their state. These cars are lined up with each student standing next to their car and give a short presentation for visitors to pass by and learn about.

Students in grades 5-8 choose a country from around the world. They research the country, collect information and put it together to form a display and presentation. Often these presentations include foods either bought or prepared by the student or items that originate from their chosen country. The World Fair is set up in the spring, and open to all to come and visit!


Living History Museum

Are you ready for some live history?! Come and meet many figures from our past and the impact that each made!

Students in Preschool - Grade 8 participate in our Living History Museum. Preschool students begin our evening with a whole class presentation of a famous figure from history. The evening continues with guests being dismissed to go and visit our museum. Students in Kindergarten - Grade 8 choose a deceased figure from the past to portray. They research the person, learn important facts and ways their person impacted history and also dress up as their person.

Visitors come to the museum, push a character’s activation button. Watch the character come to life and give a short presentation/speech all about themselves. The Living History Museum is open to all to come and visit!