Mixed Age (3 & 4-year-old)

Mrs. Leah Samuelson

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Teacher - Preschool

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lsamuelson@goodshep.com (Primary)

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Mrs. Samuelson graduated from Martin Luther College in 2003, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. From there, she spent the next decade working with children in various levels of development in numerous settings (birth through middle school; child care, after school care, private tutoring). Beginning in 2014, Mrs. Samuelson joined the Good Shepherd Lutheran staff as a one of the preschool teachers. In 2018, Mrs. Samuelson completed the Early Childhood Educator Series at Martin Luther College, furthering her understanding of child development in the early childhood years specifically. This led her to delve deeper into the topic of the importance of movement in human development, and in 2020, Mrs. Samuelson became a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator. She continues to enjoy her time at Good Shepherd, working alongside colleagues who are like-minded in their dedication to their students, loving the opportunity to welcome new families to this amazing school as the teacher of the youngest ones in the building.

Preschool Program Highlights

  • Play-based Curriculum
  • Daily lessons from God’s Word, along with prayers throughout the day
  • Intentional movements integrated into learning process (i.e. “Brain Gym” or “Me Moves”)
  • Mystery Bag Show-n-Tell
  • Large challenging outdoor space and indoor gym
  • Joint Christmas program with the Kindergarten class
  • Field Trips (such as Nature Center, Children’s Theater, Kinder-Konzerts)
  • Older group learns to play handbells and attends Chapel

Teaching Philosophy
In preschool we will focus on the physical, social, mental, and emotional aspects of learning that develop at this age, as we anchor all of our learning on God’s great love for us. Our days will be filled with movement, hands-­on opportunities, and time to discuss with our peers all of the wonders we see around us.

If you come into our room during the day, you can expect to see smiling faces, busy hands and voices practicing our communication. It will look like we’re having a lot of fun; and we are! This is how we learn best - through kinesthetic experiences where we are physically and emotionally invested in the process!

My goal as an educator is to provide my students with a safe and loving classroom environment, so that they are able to fully engage in their school experience. Together we will move and grow as we hypothesize and explore the world around us. I see each and every child who enters our classroom as a uniquely gifted child of God (Psalm 139:14), and I am blessed to have the opportunity to help them draw out those gifts as they begin their academic journey. In this way we celebrate our uniqueness, as we celebrate the diversity of our classmates; learning how to be proudly me, while I’m loving and respectful to those around me - because Christ’s love brings us all together.