Second Grade

Mrs. Christianne Bentley

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Teacher - Grade 2

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Mrs. Bentley graduated from MSU-Mankato in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education.  She worked as a substitute teacher in area WELS schools, taught PreK in an area child care center, and taught PreK and Kindergarten at Bloomington Lutheran School (2015-2022).  Mrs. Bentley attended GSL from kindergarten through eighth grade and is very excited to be back! 

2nd Grade Highlights

  • Show and Tell
  • Fun Field Trips
  • Star Student
  • Parent Volunteers/Visits
  • Christmas/Valentine's Day Parties
  • Art

Teaching PhilosophyI believe my most important job as a teacher is to make my classroom a Christ-centered, fun, nurturing, and safe environment for my students. Building relationships with my students is a top priority for me and allows me to gain a better understanding of each individual’s God-given talents. I pray my students feel loved, encouraged, and supported each day by their Savior, by me, and by their classmates. It’s incredible how learning can flourish once this happens! Motivated by Christ’s perfect love for us, I talk daily with my students about how we can show our love for Christ by loving others. It’s truly a blessing to work with and guide students as they grow and learn.