Lower Grades

Your child is now ready for that next step in their school years! They are off to Kindergarten and climbing the educational ladder! Our lower grades consist of Kindergarten through 4th grade. During the Kindergarten years the children are learning problem solving skills, communication skills and basic foundational skills. As the children continue to grow, they will use these skills as they progress through their school years. 

At Good Shepherd, building healthy relationships is an important part of our philosophy for the lower grades, and having smaller class sizes helps us achieve this goal. Our licensed teachers strive to provide individualized learning opportunities for every student, recognizing the varying gifts and abilities of each student as the unique way in which God has gifted them.

Our teachers recognize their role in helping their students discover, grow, and develop their individual strengths. This growth and development occurs in our Christ-centered school environment with a comprehensive curriculum that puts emphasis on the study of God’s Word alongside secular academic areas of study.  Our well-rounded educational program provides opportunities for the children to develop skills that prepare them for continued spiritual, academic and physical growth and ultimately eternal life in heaven.