MAP Testing

Each year Good Shepherd students in grades 4-8 take a nationally recognized test called the MAP test. MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress. The MAP test is a computerized, adaptive test that covers three key areas: mathematics, reading, and language usage. Students receive a raw score that should grow over time. They also receive a comparative score showing how they perform nationally relative to other students in their grade level. A comparative score above 50 percent means above average. Notably, Good Shepherd students score above the national average in every category, and the margin between our students and their peers generally increases with each grade level. See the attached chart for additional data and a breakdown by grade.

The school’s goal is to assist parents in helping students grow and excel. Academics help our students grow in their knowledge and skills, and it helps them excel in becoming good stewards of the academic gifts God has given them. Grades and academic performance are not the focus, but they serve as one way of measuring faithful use of the students’ gifts and talents.